About the Book

We had two reasons for writing this book:

Firstly both of us believe there is a better way to structure and run a large company and that is through incorporating the principles of entrepreneurship.

The second reason is that we have both witnessed first-hand the failure of several companies. Failure hurts the shareholders but more importantly is often devastating for the employees. Employees who have devoted years of their lives to the company find themselves cast off, through no fault of theirs – but the fault of management.

Poor management compounded by dated practices has ruined too many decent companies and stakeholders have unnecessarily lost out.

We hope readers of this book will learn to recognize the early signs of mistakes by management and strive to put in place a new management infrastructure. It is silly for management to complain about the increasingly difficult and changing business landscape and then to rely on historical data or practices for a solution. You are the solution and the problem is the way your company has chosen to operate. If you can’t get them to change, then we suggest you bail out in good time!

We have interlaced entrepreneurial stories which have shaped our thinking in the book and we do hope they also contain nuances that you might not be familiar with.

Change is an imperative for all large companies. We hope this book will serve as a catalyst for change; in the Board room as well as outside — in the manner you conduct your daily activities.