Picture1“Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship is an engaging “must read” for any business leader. Its insights into the workings of entrepreneurial companies and the methodology to make large companies more entrepreneurial can be a powerful tool in the hands of any leader. Adopting such approaches can go a long way in improving the DNA of our large and mid-corporates and have a beneficial impact on the Bank’s performance as well. The script is an attempt to collate different parameters on which the Corporates need to work on in order to sharpen their overall business strategy and ensure the sustained growth of their organizations.”

Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman, State Bank of India


Picture2“I strongly recommend the book to every leader seeking to imbed an entrepreneurial culture in their organization. The nine ‘entrepreneurisms’ are spot on and the six-sigma-based methodology is workable and practical”

NV ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, President & CEO, Genpact


Picture3“Regardless of whether you’re a CEO or a Board member, read Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship from cover to cover before your leadership team does – lest they leave your organization before you can fix the problem!”

Didier Marlier, Author: Engaging Leadership: Three Agendas for Sustaining Achievement


Picture4“Having moved from large companies to startups, I have lived the 9 Entrepreneurisms. Successful entrepreneurs understand these concepts implicitly. I also loved reading the vignettes of different entrepreneurs – always great to understand the real, practical stories behind the fame.”

Christopher McKenney, Founder & CEO, Mango Media and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Miami


Picture5“Is your leadership team spending too much time, in meetings after meetings, trying to ‘get it right’ and ‘to have everybody comfortable and supportive? Do you have layers of managers, whose job is to “manage people who manage other people? Then you need to read Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship to find out the secrets of successful entrepreneurs and how you can rebuild your organization for the future.”

Larry Gan, formerly Managing Partner of Asia, Accenture


Picture6“Having experienced working at IBM for over 12 years and co-founding Sony Entertainment Television, I can safely say that this book is a great resource for both entrepreneurs and corporates. In today’s game, these 9 traits are essential for both players to succeed.”

Jayesh Parekh, Managing Director, Jungle Ventures


Picture7“The 9 Entrepreneurisms discussed in “Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship” provide helpful and practical insights for what is necessary to leaders of an organization in navigating the volatile, complex and dynamic world of corporate management, enabling entrepreneurship at all levels.”

Nick Obolensky, Author: Complex Adaptive Leadership: Embracing Paradox & Uncertainty


Picture12“We see this journey every day and it is unfortunate that large corporations are missing out on the energy and innovations generated by entrepreneurs.  This book has captured the practices that large corporations need to adopt though the tenets of 9 Entrepreneurisms. The stories of entrepreneurs are truly inspiring, and a study of how entrepreneurship in corporations can transform them in significant ways.”

Ravi Narayan, Managing Director, Microsoft Ventures


Picture8“If you think entrepreneurs take risks – think again. This book will blow your preconceived notions out of the water and get you the 9 Entrepreneurism’s that define how successful entrepreneurs work. Learn how you can hard-code them into your organization to gain, agility, commitment, save cost and get better financial performance.”

Dr Wilson Tay, Author: CEO Paradigm: The Management Leadership Insights


Picture9What an entrepreneur has in mind at the beginning may not be what will bring him success. It is about resilience and other important attributes. A well-researched and documented book that demystifies entrepreneurship. When corporations miss out on the 9 entrepreneurisms, they inevitably decline and disappear. A must read.

Thierry Maupilé, Head of Strategic Ecosystem Group at Cisco / Visiting Faculty & Executive in Residence at IMD


Picture10“If you need to attract top leadership talent you will know they are looking for an environment in which they can contribute as well as work without chains. Read this book if you would like to understand how to make your organization one that attracts talent.”

Nirupama, Founder & Managing Director, Ad Astra Group