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Canadian Institute of Management: 

Canadian Inst of Mgmnt Vol 40 #3 – The evolving corporation: From Model-T to UBER

Canadian Inst of Mgmnt Vol 40 #4 – Dynamic Stability: Critical for mid-level managers


Digital News Asia:

Next industrial revolution going to hit us bad

Why unicorns are going to be elusive

The Silicon Valley model works here, but very slowly


Edge Newspaper:

The Edge, Malaysia, December 14, 2016 – The next industrial revolution will hurt us real bad

The Edge Malaysia, January 11, 2016 – Lessons for Managing in Changing Times

The Edge Malaysia, April 11, 2016 – A high Power Distance Index can kill entrepreneurship

The Edge Malaysia, May 2, 2016 – Will electric vehicles dominate the auto world

The Edge Malaysia, June 6, 2016 – Why does the Board bet the house on a new CEO


The Star: SME Business pullout of December 14, 2015:

STAR PULLOUT_SMEB 14 DEC 2015 – Staying alive in the retail industry


Global Business Services, Issue 43:

Global Business Services – Creating Wealth Through Technology (Dec 15).compressed